7:30 AM (Early Birds)

New Kids on the Block | CISSDM, Hypercore, Open Systems, Switch

Hear from a select group of Supplier Partners new to the Intelisys portfolio since last year’s Channel Connect. Who are they and, more importantly, how can you make money with them? Join us for this Early Bird session and learn what’s new. Gain fresh insights you can bring to your customers and hear first-hand about the products and solutions that can open doors and generate revenue quickly.

Good to Great: Make the Leap Ahead of Your Competition | Spectrotel

Inspired by the best seller “Good To Great: Why Some Companies Makes the Leap and Other Don’t,” this Early Bird session will review the blueprint on how companies transition from good to great, and will identify several ways that companies fail when making the transition. Join us and learn best practices for taking your business to the next level!

11:15 AM

The Real Reasons CIOs Invest in CX | 8x8

Customer Experience (CX) is the new competitive differentiator, but how do you know if companies are just “talking the talk” or truly investing in CX initiatives? And more importantly – how do the companies investing in CX build a business case, define expected return on investment, and measure success? This breakout session will go straight to the source – the CIOs who have made the shift to CX – to reveal the answers to those questions and much more!

SD-WAN, Agents and MSPs: Grow Faster Together | Bigleaf Networks

As the convergence of the traditional telecom industry and the MSP business model accelerates, how can Sales Partners leverage cutting-edge technology to expand their business? This breakout session will highlight how convergence benefits both sides of the business – agents and MSPs – and how to capitalize on new revenue opportunities with SD-WAN.

Unlock Microsoft and Cisco TEAMs Opportunities | Evolve IP

According to Gartner, 70% of all businesses will rely exclusively on workspace collaboration by 2021. Microsoft Teams is now being used by more than 500,000 businesses worldwide including 90% of the Fortune 500. Cisco, the world’s largest voice provider now controls over 65% of the global telephony market via the combination of HCS, Broadsoft, and Webex. This breakout session will reveal everything you want to know about Microsoft and Cisco TEAMs, and how to unlock opportunities with new and existing customers.

Driving Business Strategies: Digital Intelligence | CallTower, Five9, IntelePeer, Vonage Business

Digital intelligence (DI) – the practice of optimizing digital customer engagements – enables businesses to drive business strategies and stand apart from the competition. Moderated by Intelisys’ National Contact Center Specialist Michael Del Signore, this panel will reveal how to leverage data, analyses, and actionable insights to drive business strategies. Learn how to leverage technology to support and accelerate DI performance, transform digital data into real-time, actionable, customer-centric insights, and create competitive advantages for your company and your end customers.

Winning with Cisco Solutions | Cisco, Evolve IP, Granite, Masergy, Momentum Telecom

Known for their reliability and solid solution sets, Cisco provides as-a-service and subscription-based services with the channel, and for the channel. Moderated by Intelisys Solutions Engineer Bob Faber and ScanSource Senior Director of Supplier Services Chris Stokes, this session will share how Cisco is bringing these solutions to life through the channel community. Learn more about the ScanSource Elite Program, and how partnering with these suppliers will help grow your business. Hear from Cisco and four ScanSource Elite Program suppliers as they discuss their Cisco solutions, what makes them unique, and successes they are attaining with Cisco.

1:00 PM

Investing in IoT | Advantix, BullsEye Telecom, KORE Wireless, Sierra Wireless


As companies of all shapes and sizes undergo digital transformation, emerging technologies such as IoT, 5G and wireless are creating major growth opportunities for Sales Partners. Join this breakout session to learn from leading IoT experts on where the opportunities for growth and revenue lie in IoT, how these technologies fit into an overall business and network strategy, Industrial IoT and other verticals, and how to start the conversation with customers and prospects.

Building a Digital Customer Engagement Strategy | Canpango, RingCentral


Customer engagement is an important component of CX, and plays a key role in building customer loyalty and retention. How can Sales Partners, as trusted advisors, help customers develop an effective digital customer engagement strategy? In this breakout session, moderated by Intelisys Solutions Engineer Andy Rustad and Director of Solutions Engineering Gerry Davis, we’ll reveal how to provide customers with choices around live and self services in their preferred channels, all while empowering agents with the tools and solutions required to solve issues effectively.

How to Win in Today's CX Battleground | NICE inContact

Consumers are more experience-driven than ever before, and just one bad experience can lose the loyalty of a long-standing customer altogether. While AI enables businesses to communicate more effectively with customers, 79% of consumers say that chatbots and virtual assistants need to get smarter before they are willing to use them regularly. In this breakout session, we’ll reveal how to leverage a strong CX platform, omnichannel routing, and flexible and nimble digital channels as well as integrated AI tools that offer consumers a choice in what service level they receive, and how you can enable your customers to provide the CX today’s consumers demand.

Becoming the Security Expert Your Customers Need | Vigilant

The cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly evolving. Join us for this breakout session, which will examine current security threats, common points of attack and pain points in the industry, as well as methodologies and strategies to address these threats. Learn how to design a security solution that works, develop a comprehensive security strategy for your customers, build a security-focused practice for your business, and become the security expert your customers depend on.

How to Identify and Sell More DaaS | Effortless Office, Evolve IP, Matrix, RapidScale

As technology shapes the future of mobility and remote work, many organizations are embracing desktops, mobility, apps, file sync, and sharing delivered as a service. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) allows customers to simplify management, protect devices, and enables the opportunity to work any time, anywhere. In this panel, moderated by Intelisys Solutions Engineer Nick Tempesta, we’ll cover how DaaS is evolving and how you can tap into this growing opportunity. Don’t miss this session that will break down how to identify opportunities, open doors with solutions such as VDC, applications, BCDR, ITaaS, security, and access points to sell DaaS solutions.

THURSDAY 9/26/19

7:30 AM (Early Birds)


Join us for this Early Bird session and discover how to deliver greater value and increase revenue opportunities. Gain insights from Canpango into identifying when client would benefit from CRM solutions, and a step-by-step breakdown on ensuring implementation success and optimal operational change. Learn how to leverage RPM’s platform to gain visibility into your growth, configure and manage all your business processes, track orders, organize commission data and deliver accurate calculations, and more. The ScanSource Cloud Services UK team will also share how you can take advantage of international business opportunities.

Harnessing the Digital Opportunity | Intelisys, ScanSource

Digital disruption is occurring at an unprecedented rate. By 2021, spending on cloud services and cloud-enabling hardware, software and services will more than double to over $530 billion. Join Intelisys’ VP of Solutions Engineering Raymond Nelson and ScanSource’s Manager, Application Development Justin Kelley for this Early Bird deep dive into Intelisys’ NextGen tools. Discover how to leverage our tools and resources to drive digital transformation for your customers and prospects.

New Kids on the Block | Dialpad, MessagePro, QOS

Hear from a select group of Supplier Partners new to the Intelisys portfolio since last year’s Channel Connect. Who are they and, more importantly, how can you make money with them? Join us for this Early Bird session and learn what’s new. Gain fresh insights you can bring to your customers and hear first-hand about the products and solutions that can open doors and generate revenue quickly.

11:15 AM

Elevating CX in the Digital Age: Next-Gen Contact Centers | Serenova

Consumer expectations are higher than ever when it comes to engaging with businesses. While long-established channels such as telephone, email and company websites are still the most used, consumers increasingly prefer new technologies, including text messages, chat and social channels. Join this session and learn how contact centers are evolving, and how to harness the power of AI to enable agents and customers to seamlessly pivot from channel to channel and across devices, with all the data, context, and the positive customer experience intact.

Win Big with SD-WAN | AireSpring, Aryaka, CenturyLink, CloudGenix, Globalgig


The SD-WAN market is predicted to hit $4.5 billion by 2022, according to recent reports from IDC. Businesses using critical cloud-based applications can’t afford business disruption, presenting a huge opportunity for the channel. Moderated by Intelisys Solutions Engineer Patrick Chen, this breakout session will share how to maximize application performance and eliminate downtime with SD-WAN. Learn how to tie today’s hottest technologies, like UCaaS, Microsoft, and CCaaS into your customers’ SD-WAN solutions, migration and implementation strategies and win big with SD-WAN.

Keeping Up with the Bad Guys: Combating Today’s Security Threats | GTT

When it comes to the latest data security threats – whether it be ransomware, phishing, or employee fraud – IT decision makers are looking for better ways to protect the information that drives their organization. Join GTT and special guest Fortinet for a powerful discussion on how enterprises are embracing managed security services to ensure that appropriate devices are professionally installed, monitored, managed, and maintained where needed throughout the network, and how to regularly update those devices to identify and diffuse the very latest threats.

Architecting your Customers’ Digital Edge | Equinix

Interconnection enables a transformative approach to IT that supports digital engagement and leverages the power of digital ecosystems. Join this breakout session to see how next generation physical and virtual architectures drive competitive advantage at the digital edge – transforming your customers’ ability to connect all their people, locations, clouds and data while solving for application performance and security.

The Next Evolution of UCaaS: Microsoft & Cisco | Arkadin, CallTower, Evolve IP

UCaaS technology has grown significantly over the past few years. No longer just voice services, unified communications now encompasses collaborative communication, equipped with chat groups, organized chats, video on demand, soft clients, and much more. In this session, you will learn the benefits that Microsoft and Cisco bring to your customers with Spark, Teams, and more, and also how to leverage these industry-leading cloud providers to drive more business growth and boost your UCaaS bottom line.

1:00 PM

Maximize Time and Money By Leveraging Cable | Comcast Business, Cox Business, Spectrum


As a business partner, your focus is to maximize revenue potential vs. time spent. What if there is a solution set that not only helps you gain more wallet share with existing clients, but also has the tools and resources to prospect efficiently, market to those prospects with professionalism, and keep those customers for life? Join Comcast, Cox and Spectrum on an exciting journey beyond the network. Discover bulk qualification tools, co-branding marketing strategies, solution sales products and retention/upgrade teams. Grow your base, set yourself above competitors, and protect your hard work and relationship long term while your residual grows.

Building a Security-Focused Practice | TPx, Masergy, Open Systems, Windstream


As security breaches become an everyday occurrence – and an extremely costly one – businesses of all sizes and in all industries are now vulnerable. Moderated by Intelisys’ National Cyber Security Specialist Ivan Paynter, join us for this breakout session that will uncover how to understand cyber risks, ensure your customers’ security technologies and processes are working correctly, and develop a comprehensive security strategy. Learn how to start and grow customized managed security solutions for your customers, and how to leverage security as an entry point to unlocking new opportunities with customers.

How to Deliver Best-in-Class UCaaS | Avaya, Jive, Mitel, West


As technology and the shift to the cloud transform communication, UCaaS offers companies the opportunity for better communication in the workplace and with customers. How can Sales Partners leverage UCaaS solutions to land bigger deals and create stickier customer relationships? Moderated by Intelisys Solutions Engineer Bob Faber, learn the latest industry trends and best practices, how to identify UCaaS opportunities, and design UCaaS solutions that drive critical business outcomes. You’ll walk away with clearly identified revenue opportunities and best practice recommendations in this exciting panel.

A Guide to Successfully Selling Cloud | Digital Realty, Flexential, RapidScale, TierPoint

As the cloud evolution rolls on, it is changing how businesses evaluate their digital transformation strategies in order to achieve their overall business goals. Your customers’ cloud strategies are evolving almost as fast as the underlying technologies. Moderated by Intelisys Solutions Engineer Ben Magday, this panel will unlock the secrets to effectively sell cloud. Join us as we deep dive into trends and changes in the cloud market, learn about important considerations when migrating to the cloud, discover when to use large public cloud providers, and find out how to mitigate and deal with security risks.

Win More CX Business: Optimizing Your IT Approach | Effortless Office

Customers will pay more for great CX and become loyal advocates in the marketplace. A 2013 study found “customer experience leaders outperformed the broader market, generating a total return that was 3 times higher on average than the S&P 500 Index.” Join this breakout session and take away key information on how to win more CX business. Learn how to improve your customers’ retention rates and wallet share, implement cost-efficient processes and services, and boost your bottom line.

2:30 PM

NextGen Channel | The Future of Leadership Development

In 2020, Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce, and will grow to 75% by 2025. The revolution is coming – will you be left behind? Presented by NextGen Channel, join Intelisys leadership coach Anthony Palmucci for this breakout session tailored around accelerating the career aspirations and growth trajectory of young professionals 35 and below. Get a sneak peek behind the curtain into a “day in the life” of an executive coach and the future of leadership development. Learn how to lead in any circumstance, set yourself apart as an influencer, maximize your strengths in the workplace, and gain the skills of the top industry leaders.

Building Your Microsoft Cloud Business with intY | intY, Microsoft

Microsoft has taken the cloud compute market by storm. IntY is a pioneer in the distribution of cloud services from some of the biggest cloud software vendors in the world, including Microsoft, Symantec and Acronis. Join intY and Microsoft for this breakout session as they discuss how to identify cloud market opportunities that are a perfect fit for your customer’s environment, which Microsoft tools are the right fit for each market segment, the Microsoft add-ons that will enhance sales, and how to leverage IntY’s CASCADE cloud platform to maximize revenues from existing or net-new subscriptions.

Leveraging CPaaS to Boost Customer Engagement | IntelePeer, Kerauno, RingCentral, Vonage Business


In the last three years, CPaaS has emerged as one of the fastest growing segments within business communications. In integrating real-time voice, video and messaging communications into web and mobile applications, CPaaS has proven to be highly effective across verticals like transportation and hospitality. Moderated by Intelisys Solutions Engineer Tom Legare, join this breakout session and discover how to leverage CPaaS technology to help customers reinvent customer engagement for the digital age and deliver more personalized, meaningful experiences. Find out how to: leverage CPaaS technology to engage customers, integrate with existing cloud and UCaaS solutions, revolutionize the way companies connect, and create stickier customer relationships.

Grow Your Contact Center Sales | 8x8, Five9, NICE inContact, Serenova, TalkDesk


In today’s highly competitive environment, customers demand a seamless experience across all channels – and, as a result, organizations have been forced to make massive changes. Uncover the key trends impacting contact center clients, and how you can leverage them to dramatically grow your own business. Moderated by Intelisys’ National Contact Center Specialist Michael Del Signore, this panel will reveal the latest CCaaS and CX industry trends and revenue opportunities. Dive deep into CCaaS technologies, trends and benefits, and CCaaS integrations with other technologies, as well as how to find the best solutions for your customers.

Maximizing Opportunities with Public Cloud | Equinix, Rackspace, SADA Systems, ServerCentral


AWS, GCP and Azure are all viable public cloud solutions in today’s marketplace, with each meeting some very particular needs for customers. Join our panel as we discuss the pros and cons of each public hyperscaler, and how to architect a solution using them, even if you are not moving everything to the cloud. Moderated by Intelisys Solutions Engineer Ben Magday, this session will discuss the ever-growing popularity of public hyperscalers, hybrid cloud solutions, the workloads that fit best with each service, and how they fit into designing compute solutions.